There’s an incredible amount of information online, but as economists say, our wants are never satisfied and always turn to something more. Mencius Moldbug is fond of dusty old tomes and their alien ways of thinking and has listed some sources that give insight into his strange mind: Murray Rothbard, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Bruno Leoni, Africa Addio, James Burnham and Bertrand de Jouvenel, as memory serves. The works of the first two are provided by that great font of free online materials, the Mises Institute, the third by the Library of Economics and Liberty and the fourth by google video (complete with racist fearmongering). It is awfully hard to find James Burnham’s stuff online, although MM once posted the disappointing first chapter of The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom. Perhaps because de Jouvenel was french, I haven’t found any of his writings online in english. A left-libertarian imitation of the Mises Institute’s wealth of material was started by Shawn Wilbur and now has all of Benjamin Tucker’s journal, Liberty, online in PDF form, and I’m interested to see what the heck Vildredo Pareto was doing with that bunch. Almost nobody uses Usenet nowadays, which is why when Sixteen Volts was up there was an archive of the Danimal’s witty commentary. Now both the Danimal and 16V are archived for us. I have of course left out Wikipedia, since if you haven’t heard of it already I don’t like you and want you to go away.

I don’t have any readers yet since I haven’t told anyone about this blog, but as soon as some get here, I’d like them to say what isn’t currently online that they’d like to be, and what they would be most upset about if it went offline (big user-contributed collaborations like Wikipedia don’t count). For my part I’ll see if I can upload here “Are Jews Generic?” by Thomas Sowell since I find myself recommending it to others all the time, but I’ll take it down if he wants me to.

Thomas Sowell: Are Jews Generic?

UPDATE: Some people don’t like the doc format, so I’ve converted it to pdf.

UPDATE 2: Something was wrong with the online PDF converter, so now I’m using PDFCreator. Here is the new version.

Thomas Sowell: Are Jews Generic? pdf