The pseudonymous commentator at Asia Times (and possible ex-LaRouchie) who resembles the bad-side of Mencius Moldbug has been promoting a goofy theory about how Iran must go to war with the West because of its demographic decline, when as anyone who’s read their Huntington knows that the shit hits the fan after baby-booms rather than busts.  One of his articles to support that point was entitled Jihadis and whores. In it he claims that Iran is falling apart so badly that it is selling its women and that this represents a huge crisis that will push the regime to drastic measures. Here he states how severe the problem is

The proliferation of Iranian prostitutes in Western Europe as well as the Arab world helps explain the country’s population trends. The European Commission’s most comprehensive surveys of human trafficking found that Iranian women made up 10-15% of the prostitutes working in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. [2] “Fatima” from Persia has become as familiar as “Natasha” from Belarus.

That “[2]” there leads us to a footnote, Research Based on Case Studies of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in 3 EU Member States, ie Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands from the European Commision. The footnotes reference a book about Jewish history and a previous Spengler column. Spengler links to the report, but he evidently didn’t expect anyone to actually click on it. The reason is that nothing he says is actually supported by that report. Go ahead run “find” for the word “Iran”. The first instance it will occur is in section 4.1.2, which depicts the “victims of smuggling”, which in this report are distinct from prostitutes. Here is a sentence from 4.1.1: “The smuggling victims are obviously older than the victim groups of sexual and economical exploitation.” I won’t argue that using the term “victims” is misleading since many of these people voluntarily engaged in this smuggling in order to improve their lot in life, but I find it hard to believe anyone could read that and not realize they are not talking about prostitutes when it comes to Iran. The next instance the country appears in is when the nationality of traffickers and recruiters is discussed. The next occurrence is when the “victims” of Albanian traffickers are discussed, but as I mentioned these “victims” are not necessarily slaves in the sex industry or even women, and they have nearly the frequency as Ecuadorians. This hardly reveals anything at all about Iran. There is one case study of Iranians, but in that case they are two men who had associated with a terrorist training camp. So it’s just jihadis, no whores. In section it says 90% of the Iranian “victims” are men who cited the political instability of their country as a reason for coming to Europe. You will find no mention of Iran in section 2, which is titled “Female victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in prostitution”. This is what happens when a someone gets fixated on their own wittiness and theorizing while paying little attention to empirical data. And I still can’t get over the chutzpah of him providing the link for any reader to find out he’s full of it. If it had just been a reference I wouldn’t know where to find it or whether it was available online and probably would have forgotten about it.
UPDATE (November 2011): The link to the pdf above has long since succumbed to link rot. Googling the title though I found another, and since I’ve gotten some hits here recently I figure I’ll add it so others can verify what I said about the report. That link too will probably die eventually, so if by the time you read this it is gone, just do what I did and google the title.
UPDATE (January 2019): That second link did indeed rot, so here is where you can currently find it.