I am in good spirits after reading this from the Hoover Hog, and it isn’t because he plugged my diversity post (though I do like that and I’m still waiting for Karl Smith to take notice). The last thing he notes is that he’ll be putting up old articles from the print edition of the Hoover Hog. Some earlier google searches did not turn up anything about that, so I had thought that if it did exist (how much trust do you place in a guy on the internet nobody’s heard of who discusses Holocaust denial?) the lack of evidence would tend to indicate that it was not notable enough for me to expect to ever see any of it. The review he links to indicates that it did in fact exist and it was as stimulating (I think that’s the most positive spin one could use) as one might hope. I can’t think of much else I’ve got more anticipation for, which perhaps indicates that I should keep more abreast of what’s going on in the worlds of the big & silver screens as well as the radio so as not to be out of my element in water-cooler conversations.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, I quibbled with Robert Lindsay’s contention that communist regimes weren’t really so bad and he has devoted a post to answering one of my points supported with an admittedly biased link. Crazy libertarians, Cubans, libertarian Cubans and Mencius Moldbug are encouraged to head over and make asses of themselves. I was piqued to note that the marxist Lindsay considers Amerikkka to be a social democracy, which will probably get more agreement from radical libertarians than Europeans.