Those of you who’ve been reading my blog already know about Robert Lindsay. If you haven’t I could explain here who he is, but just that is a subject of contention at this time. My analysis (which I was surprised to find he agreed with) was that he is simply what might have been common yesteryear, a Stalinist, but is today an oddity. Many of the things he says might be considered offensive, just as Stalinism should be to bourgeois sensibilities, but after the Old Left got replaced by the New Left, which was more concerned with culture, attitude, identity (of the non-class sort) and so on a great many normal ideas from the past became heresy. I just received an e-mail from him about a campaign on the Marxmail mailing list to get the lefty sites on his blogroll to remove links to him. No word on whether his mug is to be airbrushed out of photos or if thugs with ice-picks are to be dispatched to his residence though. If there are any lefty bloggers reading this, consider linking to him or advising your friends against casting him out into the cold of the non-left blogosphere. Alternatively, if you think he really is an unredeemable racist reactionary not deserving of the title “leftist”, leave a comment. If you are a rightie I suppose you can enjoy the irony (well, perhaps anti-irony) and schadenfreude, but remember that Bob has only spoken well of the dictatorship of the proletariat rather than participated in it and that the blog world would be a less interesting place without folks like him. Imagine the other side consisted of nothing but sensitivity police unwilling to admit the costs that the enactment of their plans would have on the unwilling. As Samuel Huntington put it in Clash of Civilizations, a capitalist and a communist can at least discuss the merits of their respective systems, but with the transition to conflicts based on identity, that conversation is much less feasible. Good luck trying to talk to an islamist, or for that matter the echo-chambers on the internet today. So here’s to charitable debate and unthinkable thoughts. At least as long as it stays on the internet. Mouth-off offline and you deserve to get tazed.