I have obligations to fulfill that conflict with writing posts. Maybe I’ll start up again sometime next week, but I do not plan on doing so earlier.

In the meanwhile I note (via the Hoover Hog) that Jim “Answer Me!” Goad has a blog and a forum, though finding perma-links for the former is hardly convenient and the latter requires registration to post. Cosma Shalizi has followed his post on heritability with g, a statistical myth, which might have been in the works before the James Watson controversy (which Sailer has an article on here), but is timely nevertheless. Robert Lindsay has lots of stories about K-A-R-A-Z-Y folks, including some autobiographical ones. Three paleos from AmConMag have a foreign policy blog called Exit Strategies. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, whose podcasts you really should listen to, claims more for his predictive model than seems credible considering what Tetlock had to say on expert political judgment. Via Ilkka I find Ironic Sans making histograms that form pictures. Scott Aaronson’s ideas on quantum mechanics have been plagiarized by actresses/models in an Australian commercial.

I leave you with evil satanic homosexual rock and/or roll band Nazipenis.