William Saletan, who I last linked to when he advocated lowering the age of consent, now points out studies showing that becoming sexually active earlier and smoking pot rather than contributing to delinquency are more likely to make you a well adjusted member of society. I’ve already got the warning signs of being a godless gun-lover who likes talking about evolution, so does this mean I’m about to start popping caps? No, the study controls for genes predisposing one to risk-taking by examining identical twins. I don’t have those genes, so I probably will continue to live boringly. In the same link Saletan stumps for hbd truth in the wake of the Watson affair and possibly that NYT story, links to stories of robots controlled by small animals and small animals controlled like robots (I don’t care much for the Transformers, but I still that’s really cool) and encroaches on the divine right of us skinny bastards to trash fat bastards. In related internet-news, at The Fourth Checkraise my fellow godless rightie Ilkka Kokkarinen sticks up for making fun of those who enjoy themselves more than us with a few snide comments and a bunch of vaguely related links.