As you may have heard, Rhodesia’s former Prime Minister, Ian Smith, has died. The New York Times has a decent obituary and Mencius Moldbug wrote a poem in his honor that I don’t think much of but if you’re into that sort of thing you might disagree. I personally prefer Mukui Waruiru’s The Failure of Democracy in Africa which was written before Smith’s death.

I was happy to find that Google Video now has the Battle of Algiers up. I give thanks to for uploading it. I was trying to remember how to download movies from Google Video and remembered that their page for Africa Addio had instructions. Unfortunately Google no longer hosts it so I had to go to the Internet Archive to read that I should go to and hope to find a subtitle file somewhere. However, the .avi option didn’t work so I had to download the .flv version and then download the Riva FLV Encoder to convert it to avi, which unlike Africa Addio combines the subtitles and video together (I had to use Mux for the other). It is possible that Google will also take down the Battle of Algiers, so I will provide both that and Africa Addio (along with its subtitle files) at because doesn’t allow me to upload certain formats.

UPDATE: isn’t cooperating, so for now I might just try uploading Africa Addio to google video again. If there’s another video-hosting service you recommend, let me know in the comments.

UPDATE 2: Africa Addio is now up, but without subtitles. I will try to add them later.

UPDATE 3: The subtitles have been added, and now it seems there was already another copy on Google Video. Oh well.