Scott Richert knows.

In related news, Vox Day discusses the difference between “cultural Christian” secular humanists like Richard Dawkins and “atheist atheists” like Michel Onfray here. I think I’m some kind of inverse of the former with a strong dose of the latter.

Finally, big ol’ queer and friend of a fetus-murderer IOZ plays down fears of theocracy here. Perhaps I should ask him to tell that to Chris Hedges or Kevin Phillips, but I’d like to keep the former as frightened as possible since he’s one of the few on the left supporting the refusal to pay taxes (on that note Chip Smith’s new publishing imprint Nine Banded Books is first set to release a novelization of Bradley Smiths “The Man Who Stopped Paying” retitled “The Man Who Saw His Own Liver”) nowadays. Perhaps he should be introduced to Vox’s ex-fugitive dad?

UPDATE: The Inductivist gets banned from the Chronicles site for defending Mormons.

UPDATE 2: Vox Day says he’s a culturally godless Christian while Dawkins is a culturally Christian atheist.