Just a week or so after natural-rights oriented anarcho-capitalist blog no-treason.com went down [UPDATE: It is now back up], a recent favorite of mine, the non-cognitivist/positivist/contractarian market-anarchist site againstpolitics.com, disappeared down the memory hole. I set up a tripod site at teageegeepea.tripod.com/AgainstPolitics/ where I intend to host all the files that were there and fix up links, but I haven’t gotten much done so far.

I noticed the site was down after reading Keith Preston’s latest at Lew Rockwell and deciding to refresh my memory on his writings at the now-defunct site only to find it was gone. For curious readers of his LR article, I asked if he was referring to this when he made his remark about 1 out of 4 people working in security, and he replied that the article he was referencing was this one. I also told him he should get a blog, but for now you can just visit his site.

In this same issue, and having just about nothing to do with LR’s usual fare (it’s not Billy Beck’s site), Vivian Britton laments the decline and fall of the Guitar Hero (archetype, not game). Being of the opinion that music without instruments (drum machines and synths don’t count) is all crap, I am largely in agreement. Where we part ways is her anger at grunge, typified by Nirvana. I’m a fan of both that style and the punk and garage-rock genres that preceded it, even at their most amateurish. I think rock is at its best when it combines the uninhibited energy and expression of the punk family with the composition and musicianship of the more proggy metal gods that Vivian worships (that’s why I wouldn’t be quoting any Iron Maiden made after Number of the Beast if I were writing such an article). Blues and folk/country elements can be nice but are optional.

And now for something Vivian would hate