Even if you’re one of those hellfire-bound non-believers, I wish you the best this holiday season (the marginal cost of my doing so is about zero). My present for you is http://teageegeepea.tripod.com/AgainstPolitics/ which should have all the files from the old site, though it’s not quite as good. I might even tamper with the original by adding in a debunking of Mises’ prattling on probability by a Bayesian master ( and I’m not referring to Eliezer Yudkowsky) and changing the Amazon link to L.A Rollin’s Myth of Natural Rights to the Nine Banded Books page, if/when it gets put up. I’ll also add a main page to my tripod site so people know who the hell put all that up and can contact me (the e-mail address on the Against Politics site does not work) and possibly add that Critical Review pdf that’s been such a hassle. However, all that will have to wait a few days as I’ll be out of town visiting relatives and away from my computer.