Vox Day’s “The Irrational Atheist” is now freely available for download. I’ve got the pdf on my machine, but it would feel wrong to read it before finishing “The Blank Slate”. I’ll probably have to reread that before reviewing it as there have been some long gaps during which I’ve likely forgotten a lot of things I was planning on saying.

The latest post at the Hoover Hog points out the Antinatalism blog. The three viewpoints it pushes are rejection of “Religious Truth, Free Will, and Existential Affirmation”, which are things I look forward to discussing in the near-future rather than yacking on about libertarianism and racism some more. I had already been reading and commenting at the blog a few days ago (a post responding to one of those comments is here), but I decided not to make a post about it before Chip because knowing about something that others don’t makes me feel special. Now that I’ve spilled the beans I can add it to my blogroll, so up it goes. Readers who enjoy that might also like Possessed by Death, a blog by Andy Nowicki of the Last Ditch, though it unfortunately seems to have stopped after five posts by the end of 2006. I think a sufficiently out-there Christian like Vox Day is well position to argue against antinatalism. Though Chip earlier used something like Pascal’s Wager to argue that the possibility that one’s child will risk eternal damnation in hell prevents Christians from having children, Thomas Aquinas famously proclaimed long ago that we should not mind the suffering of the damned but rather rejoice in it as the fulfillment of God’s will. If Vox may consider the massacre of children to be as acceptable as a programmer deleting a data structure, why not also shrug off the eternal hellfire poured out on those wanting of the grace of God?

On a completely unrelated subject, via BLCKDGRD comes this far left anti-Zionist attack on Walt & Mearsheimer’s “The Israel Lobby” thesis. You can watch Mearsheimer discuss his book with Bruce Feiler at bloggingheads here. I would have preferred if they matched him up with one of their political science regulars like Henry Farrel or Daniel Drezner. At Unqualified Offerings it is claimed that Tel Aviv is “Christian-occuppied” territory, which strikes me as plausible as the converse. For an actual example of an Israeli exhibiting the heartless drive for power that some people ascribe to them (which seems odd to me given how small Israel still is after winning a good number of wars) check out Samson Blinded, which is also freely available for download.