I just posted a comment at the anti-natalism blog. There is moderation there so it won’t appear until James Crawford (aka metamorphhh) approves it, but until then I figured I’d turn my paragraph on abortion into a post of its own here. UPDATE: It is up.

I used to be a fundamentalist Christian (I discussed that here), but even then I didn’t care much about abortion. I still consider it murder, but figure that “murder happens” to paraphrase the profane saying. I used to describe myself as “weakly pro-life”, but I’ve been drifting towards the pro-choice camp, even extending towards infanticide. I’ve ceased to be concerned as much with individual rights (not surprising given that I don’t believe in them) that some sort of platonically ideal rights-enforcing authority will ensure, and more with taking decentralization as far as it can (I don’t trust any authority to look after my interests and the larger/more powerful it is the more frightened I am of it) and contractarian based rules. If I am not willing to invade Iraq to stop Saddam from gassing Kurds, it’s just a few (admittedly large) steps away from declining to kick open Andrea Yates’ door if she wants to drown her toddlers. Among the least desirable rules are those which people have the inclination and ability to flout, and both drug use and abortion seem similar in that respect. Fetuses are not part of any contract and can’t really put up a fight if they don’t like the rules they live under. I’m not a fetus, none of my friends are fetuses (fetusi?), so I am as indifferent to the mass-murder of them as Adam Smith’s enlightened gentleman is to the inhabitants of China.

I expect that some people will find my attitude more repellent than either the prototypical pro-life or pro-choice ones, but I bet most people would consider Half Sigma’s thoughs on abortion vs sodomy to be even worse.