I sent an e-mail to Sandefur after reading this post:

You hypothesize that Iraq has been a winning issue for the GOP but moralism has not (I’m guessing you think less of “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” than Stephen Rose then). I don’t think I’ve heard anybody put forth that idea before. Polls show Iraq to be quite unpopular.

I suspect that the Democrats could actually increase their votes by jumping on the moralism bandwagon, but desist in doing so because the elites in their party are educated cosmopolitan types that find it very distasteful, while Republicans would do better if they advocated more populist economic policies. Jim Pinkerton made that point a while back at bloggingheads.tv but it’s almost impossible to find diavlogs made before the site redesign now. I don’t favor such policies, but I recognize the public does, which is why I am not a big fan of democracy.

I used the correct e-mail address this time (I didn’t know he had a gmail account before and sent one to his work address before), but there was still no response. Guess it’s back to clogging his work inbox! Larison discusses the issue here. A parody of the Obama-song targetting McCain’s message of war is here.