I accidentally let it slip before, but was chastened to keep it hush-hush for now, which is why I said nothing even after it was mentioned that I had written something for Nine Banded Books. Now it has been announced at the Hoover Hog and so I feel free, or perhaps obligated, to let my few readers know that L.A Rollins’ “The Myth of Natural Rights” is going to be published with an introduction from yours truly, along with some other of Rollins’ writings. I don’t quite know what a “post-paleo-libertarian” is, but I suppose it’s as good a description of me as anything else.

I highly recommend Myth, and I’m not just saying that because of my connection to it. If you have any interest in libertarianism and/or moral philosophy or if you just enjoy a good skewering of nonsense, you will probably enjoy it. It’s not available for order yet, but Bradley Smith’s The Man Who Saw His Own Liver is. Having read both the original one-man play (originally titled “The Man Who Stopped Paying”) online and its 9BB novelization, I can say the latter is a significant improvement. Though on its face it is about a war-tax resister fearing a nuclear holocaust during the Cold War, describing it as simply that would not do it justice. It comes with the short piece “Joseph Conrad and the Monster from the Deep”, a meditation on guilt that I personally found to be more up my alley.