Title thanks to John Sabotta at No Treason.

Robert Lindsay has been quite active in my absence, with frontpage of almost all new posts. Unfortunately a lot of them were sparked by Joachim Martillo (who thinks there’s “no such thing as Jewish music” though he is ethnic Ashkenazim himself) and are less interesting to me. One of the better ones has the oh-so-politically-incorrect title “The JewSSR“, which is actually intended sarcastically as Lindsay is rather sympathetic to the Soviet Union and hostile towards much Jewish political influence. The most interesting part was his link to Peter Myers. Myers believes that Stalin carried out a counter-revolution against the “Jewish Bolsheviks” who in that later period may be personified by Trotsky (the spiritual grandfather of the neoconservatives of course, even if they may be more correctly identified with the Right Opposition of Bukharin and Burnham than Trotky’s pre-existing Left Opposition). Stalin embraced Russian nationalism rather than internationalism and brought back old Orthodox morality and social restrictions, which is why Prozium at Odessa Syndicate is so fond of him. Mr. Myers has a focus on the “One World Movement“:

The One World movement has three factions, which co-operate with one another against “nationalism” or “isolationism”. They are (a) the Tory (Imperial) (b) the International Socialist (Trotskyist, Fabian & Green Left, against the Stalinist Left) (c) the Zionist: british-conspiracy.html.

The first delivers the “Right”, the second delivers the “Left” to One-Worldism: oneworld.html.

Still too conspiracy-theory for my tastes, but I like the recognition of several different groups with some similar interests rather than merely laying everything at the feet of an invisible Elders of Zion. He also seems to have some interest in “Nihonism”, or Japanese nationalism, which a lot of white supremacists these days like to forget Hitler had anything to do with. His site is of the amateurish sort you might find on a geocities or tripod page, but still interesting stuff if you’re into the bizarre as I am. It reminds me of the “Illuminatus!” trilogy, especially with the bits about Cecil Rhodes. Another site Lindsay linked to was this Nazi one called Hitler Research featuring some bashing of the Strassers. A lot of Nazis like to associate themselves with the Strassers rather than Hitler in some sort of Third Way maneuver, so it’s nice to hear some smashing of these Left Deviationists for a change. On the subject of the Soviet Union, if you enjoy reading dismissals of the Katyn massacre, as Mencius Moldbug does, you’ll also like Lindsay’s post A Short History of 20th Century Poland. UPDATE: Lindsay discusses the possibly fascist nature of Stalin and other communists in this post, ostensibly about Kosovo independence.

Elsewhere Lindsay and I agree that Hezbollah isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. He also points out some Pakistani patriots while explaining the difference between good patriotism and bad nationalism from a communist point of view. The patriotic Pakistani laments the ignorance in the West of Hindutva terrorism rather than just islamist terrorism and the cultural influence of these Indian/Hindu supremacists. Linday’s previous post discusses just that saying “I really cannot put into words how much hatred I feel for these people” and alleges that they have formed a conspiracy on Wikipedia, just as of course the Jews have, and the two have formed an alliance presumably against their shared enemy in Muslims. I knew that there were communal riots in India but I didn’t think the Hindus formed paramilitary/terrorist groups that went after not just Muslims but Christians, Dalits and Sikhs (maybe in the last group in the 80s around the storming of the Golden Temple and assassination of Indira Gandhi). Gene Expression has discussed Hindutva/RSS here and used them as a primary example in one of my favorite posts “Nerds are nuts“.

Finally, breaking from Linday’s site, a dispute recently arose within the left side of the blogosphere after Castro retired. Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber said to ignore all the nasty oppression and give six cheers. In the comments a huge fight ensued touching on right-wing apologetics for Franco and/or Pinochet, the Angolan Civil War and the end of the apartheid government in South Africa and the importance of political rights vs material well-being. Plus, there is a rare individual who makes the “break a few eggs” argument for both Castro and Indonesia’s Suharto. Brad De Long sticks up holding everyone to the same progressive standards here and here, but being De Long he also acts like a dick and deletes scads of comments he doesn’t like.