Lawrence Auster and Mencius Moldbug got into an argument about the civil war. I e-mailed the following to Larry:

You say it would be horrible if the South were to secede and divide the continent. But is the continent not already divided with Canada to the north and Mexico (technically still part of North and not Central America) to the south? In the Articles of Confederation (unfortunately overlooked as it was superior to the Constitution) there was a provision for including Canada if they wished to join that was never taken up. Do you believe it is an imperative to join at least the anglophone portions of Canada with our country?

Personally I wish the south had seceded succesfully because I do not like it and do not want to be in the same country as it (William Lloyd Garrison felt similarly and tried to get the north to secede). Also it would increase the number of independent jurisdictions leading to “policy competition”.

You also blame some sympathy with the Confederate cause on loss of “love of country”. Were the “patriots” during the American War of Independence (more a secession than revolution) insufficiently animated by “love of country” compared to the “loyalists” or “tories”?

He responded that I was indulging in vain and irresponsible thoughts. I’m not sure where the vanity comes in other than my low opinion of the south. We both hold a low opinion of what’s to the south of the American south (Mexico), but I doubt he considers that vanity. Not being in any sort of position of responsibility where my thoughts could make a difference, I don’t see what’s irresponsible about them.

At another post he made much of the lenient treatment of Mike Nifong given his pursuit of innocent people. I said “If you think that case is unique, you haven’t been reading enough Radley Balko.”