UPDATE: Christopher “Thank You For Smoking” Buckley eulogizes his father here.
I just saw this at the Agitator. I personally can’t forgive Buckley for all the people he “kicked off the bus“. The Frankenstein’s monster of modern neo-conconservatism is in part his creation, even if he might have regretted making it. I also can’t forgive him for this on smoking. That he’s not as bad as others doesn’t make him good. Rot in peace anyway, Buckley, you’re not doing anything to piss me off at the moment.

Current list of folks paying their respects (or possibly lack thereof): Tyler Cowen, Kathryn Lopez, Douglas Martin in the NYT, Ilya Somin, Alan Bock in the OCRegister, Robert Poole, Brian Doherty, Tavis Smiley & Garry Wills (video), Jacob Sullum, Matthew Yglesias, Jeet Heer, Steven Hart, Billy Beck, Prozium, Justin Raimondo, Richard Spencer, Andrew Sullivan, Jamie Kirchick, Rod Dreher, Marc Ambinder, Joe Klein, Rick Perlstein, Vox Day, Kip Esquire, Ilya Shapiro, John Derbyshire, Lawrence Auster, Timothy Noah, John F. McManus (president of the John Birch Society and author of William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment), Christopher Westley, Glenn Greenwald, Ann Coulter, Mona, Scott Horton & Lew Rockwell (audio), Daniel Larison, Ross Douthat, Taki Theodoracopulos, IOZ, Limited Inc, Dennis Perrin (with video of old debate between Buckley and Chomsky on Vietnam/imperialism), Robert Sirico, Peter Brimelow, Jacob Heilbrunn, Ximena Ortiz, Buckley’s biographer-to-be Sam Tanenhaus, Razib, Joe Lieberman, Brian Moore, Robert Bidinotto, Edward Cline, Alexander Cockburn, Katrina Vanden Heuvel in Newsweek, John Nichols, James K. Galbraith, Ezra Klein, George Shadroui, Mark Steyn, David Warren, Jeffrey Hart (and again in AmConMag), Chris Roach, Wretchard, Jerry Pournelle, Steve Bachman, FreedomDemocrats, Paul Tuns (quoting and linking to George Will), David Gordon, David Bardallis, Jay Nordlinger (the most sycophantic yet), Peter Suderman & Ezra Klein (video), Paul Gottfried, Paul Cella, Dan Spielberg, Savrola, Joe Sobran, Jack Hunter the Southern Avenger (now with video goodness!), Richard Posner, Gary Becker, Tom Piatak, Christopher Hitchens, Marcus Epstein, Gore Vidal, Jonathan Bean, Austin Bramwell,

Lew Rockwell notes that (like Rand and Rothbard) the John Birch Society’s Robert Welch criticized our involvement in Vietnam, which is why he was also booted out. At Luke Ford’s site Jewish Press editor Jason Maoz notes that the JBS wasn’t really an anti-semitic organization, and Buckley only rejected them because he thought their “kooky, paranoid image” reflected badly on conservatives. Buckley himself explains the story about him, Goldwater and the JBS here. Another piece written years before Buckley’s death by Werther (who you may know from William S. Lind‘s “Defense and the National Interest“) holds him in large part responsible for modern “pseudoconservatism” as described in Richard Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”. Sean Higgins filling in for Jeremy Lott discovers why Buckley had such an unusual accent here.