Prozium takes on Zmirak and fealty to the Vatican here. (UPDATE: Zmirak has banned Prozium, but the spat continues) A previous occasion when a paleocon let his Catholic loyalties trump non-interventionist principles was when Buchanan advocated the U.S meddling in the Balkans to assist the Croatians (he was against Serbs before he was for them). I criticize a Slavic-Orthodox paleocon and stick up for paleo principles here (though Burke may not have actually advocated independence for India as opposed to just criticizing British actions there). Robert Higgs provides more backup for the Prozium take on World War 2 here. Finally, as long as I’m linking to Odessa Syndicate, they give Rev. Wright his props here. Like IOZ, they prefer him to Obama.

Completely off-topic: I once came across an argument that our ability to digest lactose and gluten was selected for not because of its health benefits, but because it causes us to be docile for the civilization created by agriculture (which is in fact less healthy) though we evolved to be hunter-gatherers. Despite searching I have not been able to find it again. If anybody else can find a link, it would be much appreciated. UPDATE: Thanks, ashen man!