I advocated that half-jokingly here, but recently Keith Preston pointed out this by Walter “Defending the Undefendable” Block in which just that is promoted. Guess I’m not as weird as I thought I was. I would also note that Block’s comments in the beginning about Nazis and Communists that have not resorted to coercion seems to contradict what he said in Toward a Libertarian Theory of Guilt and Punishment for the Crime of Statism. EDIT: Later on in the “Response to Schwartz” Block echoes many of the ideas in TaLToGaPftCoS, for instance indicting “businesses that push for subsidies, top bureaucrats who promote statism, leading politicians, those in charge of the command posts of society, the highest ranking media people who offer apologetics for governmental excesses, the universities, statist intellectuals” for advocating rather than merely participating in coercion. Is the difference that Nazis and Commies in our society are on the margins and have little influence?