UPDATE: Not only can I not post comments, I can no longer even read any of their pages unless I mask my IP.
Oh, what will I do with myself now? If I’m not welcome in a place where freedom of speech is claimed to be respected despite how offensive comments might be, I guess there’s just no place for me.

If I recall correctly, the comment I made went something like this:

The only people to have defeated the Jews in recent history are the Germans.

What are you on about? The only one could make sense of the idea of a struggle between them would be if Bolshevism was a stand in for the Jews (which itself would be an erroneous idea), and even then it was the Bolsheviks that defeated the Nazis. Even the sickos that admire Hitler express disappointment that he didn’t “finish the job”, as he wasn’t even successful in his aims against Polish shtetl-dwellers. The Arabs remember which leader actually defeated the Jews: Nebuchadnezzar.