UPDATE: In an online Q&A, al Qaeda’s Ayman al Zawahiri says of the U.S and Iran Let’s You and Him Fight. Kind of like the Iraqi government.

UPDATE 2: Noah Millman discusses the plausibility that Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia or nefarious corporations got us into Iraq, all the while trashing the remake of “The Manchurian Candidate” in comparison to the original. The War Nerd complains about the Times stealing his “Dick Cheney as Iran’s Manchurian Vice President” idea here.

UPDATE 3: Israel’s Tehran connection

VERY LATE UPDATE 4: Convergence of U.S-Iranian interests in intra-Shi’ite struggle in Iraq

A little while back I was drawn into this Samizdata thread on “Human Smoke”. I started out with my Charles Lindbergh spiel, but the subject later shifted to Iran. Iran is a fairly important country to know about that people are extremely ignorant on the subject of (yeah, I ended a sentence with a preposition just to stick it to grammar-Nazis). I was thinking of that as I watched a few topics from this diavlog featuring the unbelievably stupid Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard. What’s worrying is that John McCain seems about as idiotic on the subject but the press adores him and ignores it lest it impede his ordained path to the White House (which is not to say they’d treat Obama different).

American Goy lets us know that Iran thanks the brave American soldiers! In the comments I point out this from Justin Raimondo on a similar line. A conspiracy theory he floated before is that Iranian agents suckered us into Iraq, which is almost too sensible in retrospect to be plausible (although we have been duped before by the K.L.A, Savimbi and others). It does seem odd that the supposedly crazy suicidal warmongering Iranians coolly shrugged off the fanatically anti-Shi’ite Taliban’s murder of their officials until the U.S found itself raring to do their dirty work for them, at which time they were quite willing to stick the knife in those Pushtun barbarians. I previously discussed the relatively sensible behavior of the mullah regime here. One person who has been promoting the idea that Iran pragmatically pursues its strategic goals and is not dead set on war is Trita Parsi, author of Treacherous Alliance, who I suppose you can dismiss since he was born in Iran. Sounds like good stuff for anyone who reads the National Interest. Is a Persian Pink Police State in the future? Probably not, though we can always imagine.

On a completely unrelated note, I was reading this by Keith Preston where among other things he discusses “the primary intellectual framework of a new American radicalism”. I had never heard of Jack Ross or Matthew Raphael Johnson and asked for references. Keith kindly pointed out that though the former has not yet published his work of history, he blogs at Brooklyn Copperhead. Since then Ross has had a bit of a dispute with Daniel Larison. Keith also gave me the heads up on Johnson’s book, The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy, and his website. Now connecting this to someone I discussed above, American Goy promotes the theory that the reason Stalin seemed completely unprepared for Hitler’s offensive into Russia is that he had shifted the military from a defensive posture to a preparation for an offensive into Germany that Hitler noticed and pre-empted.