A site that has proved its worth by putting me on its blogroll (if I’ve slighted blogs in the past by not mentioning them when they link to me, it’s probably because it’s usually only the top-X pages by clicks and then alphabetical order that get displayed in my dashboard unless I go more in depth) is Puzzle. If you like the link roundups at the Fourth Checkraise but can’t stand the one-paragraph posts of original content, this is the site for you. Two links in particular that struck me concern William S. Lind, who I do not mean to demean when I call him an interesting character. The first is a blog post on armored cavalry, which was interesting to me if only because DNI had switched from its old clunky form to a nifty wordpress-type blog format. The second is a video detailing the history of political correctness, focusing on the Frankfurt School. Besides Lind the only person that seems to share a similar obsession with those folks is Kevin MacDonald, though they view them from quite a different angle.

On an unrelated note (other than perhaps a connection to MacDonald’s anti-semitism) Jack Ross critiques Walter Block’s latest on those crazy Jews and their infatuation with anti-capitalism. Arnold Kling discusses the issue here, as does James Q. Wilson here. I also couldn’t resist this attack on Spengler from Daniel Larison at Taki’s where commenter James Cantrell seems to have independently discovered the Mencius Moldbug take on the Jews.

On a final unrelated note, I still haven’t gotten around to reading Vox Day’s “The Irrational Atheist” (I have finished the Blank Slate, but still haven’t reviewed it or In Defense of Hypocrisy), but via Uncertain Principles I see that Evangelical Realism has a category devoted to debunking (in a more serious manner than the UP commenters) his book.

Oh, and I lied about that final note thing. Gene Healy is back, and his book The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power sounds neato.