UPDATE: J. Slavyanski now blogs at Red Banner.

Robert Lindsay was initially fine with me referring to him as a Stalinist, but later stated he is really a “grocery shop leftist”. He points out the real deal here. Not merely a Bolshevik or Leninist or Stalinist or Maoist but a follower of Enver Hoxha! When Albania stands alone, he stands with Albania. He apparently used to be a Nazi (odd for someone named “Slavyanski”, aren’t his people supposed to be subhuman?) but has flopped in the manner Eric Hoffer described. He seems to be in good company with Greg Cochran on Operation Barbarossa revisionism. Speaking of which, Barborassa revisionist American Goy gets plugged and Greg Cochran dispute with Mencius Moldbug gets extended at this post from The Daily Burkeman1. Small world, eh?

Are you disappointed that I’ve linked to fundamentalist Christians, retro-commies, anarcho-mutualists, authoritarian racialists, neo-colonialists and paleo-conservatives but as of yet no black nationalists? Well too bad, because this site pointed out in the Attack the System yahoogroup seems to be shutting down.
See what happens when you go up against The Man? Elsewhere C.R Hamilton talks of the need to “thwart infiltration, too much public attention and the risk of revealing too much of their ideology to the enemy”, and so it for the good of The Cause that I will insist readers not seek him out.

I still invite pointers to any readable radical Muslim blog, which would seem to be more relevant these days than Hoxha.