A commenter at Overcoming Bias pointed out a website of feminist critics, but a post I found there more interesting than any linked to was this guest post from a feminist advocating women’s separatism. The biggest laugh line is probably the distinguishing between segregation and separation. It’s about which group is oppressor versus oppressed (read: what is politically correct), kind of like how the powerless supposedly cannot be racist. Regarding her dream, I don’t think it’s going to happen. As Kissinger said “There’s too much fraternizing with the enemy”. It would have a hard time sustaining itself as well (there’s a reason there aren’t any Shakers around any more). I still applaud the secessionist impulse though and hope she forms a small community, if only to serve as an example. I’ll even agree that men cause most of the problems in the world. Men are also responsible for most of the best things in the world. Is the world on net good or bad? I invite your opinions.

I have been alerted to the existence of a blog called The Institute for Pica Studies. It is dedicated to a racist, anti-semitic reddit commenter. It’s not quite the Danimal Archive, but what is? If the Uhuru Guru and Big Effer aren’t enough for you, check it out.

A member of the Attack the System group points to Deconstructing the “Human Rights” Ideology. One person speculated due to its anti-Westernism that the author, Peter Myers, is an Australian Aboriginal. It is an attack on the Enlightenment and modernism in favor of “Confucian” values. Fans of de Maistre, Sartre and Weil find some of it appealing. I’ve personally never read of them, or even heard of the last until just now. I’m at a rate now of reading about a paragraph of Franz Oppenheimer every other day now, so it could be a while until I get to them. So many distractions. UPDATE: Apparently I was introduced to the writings of Mr. Meyer through Robert Lindsay way back when, and simply forgot.