The founder of the Pica Studies blog alerted me a while back that Pica told him to shut it down. I didn’t bother to inform you because I figured, “Who cares?”. Well, now I have a way to tie it in to something else, as I’ve found a pretty good substitute. While that blog has disappeared the notorious and ever reclusive Cleve Blakemore has popped up again. His last known cyber-location was the Quarter to Three forums (though some suspected it was an impostor). What caused him to grace others with his presence? Some stuff a weird Malaysian dude made up about him about three years ago. In case you don’t know who he is, he wrote some programs for “Ahoy!” back in the day and has been working on an old-school computer role-playing-game for Grimoire for about ten years, which he is quite unlikely to ever release. He has also built a fallout shelter (which he is quite proud of rather than ashamed) behind his house in Australia because he seriously thinks the world is about to descend into Mad Max territory, largely as a result of immigration. He’s sure he’s a million times smarter than you, 3-5 times stronger than the average man (though a pitiful shell of the superman that built the shelter years ago) and has bones made of titanium. Allegedly he blogs here. Among the gems I just gleamed from his posts elsewhere is that both Elohim City and “Stormfront” were government-string operations to trap potential terrorists and everybody knows that except [person he happens to be arguing with online]. Regarding my home state he said “ Voters had a chance between Obama and the smartest man in the room, period, Alan Keyes, and they chose the Hector Camacho candidate“. That’s right, he’s an ALAN KEYES FAN (that link is one he dropped to demonstrate Keyes’ brilliance). He gives his mythic origin story in response to one of the fools who dares question his greatness:

It’s less accurate to say I “have” Asperger’s than to point out I actually “am” Asperger’s, practically a caricature.

There’s a reason for that. Rather than being the result of genetic allergic reaction, my origin story lies with a common household product called Drano, chemical name Sodium Lye, administered at 18 months old as an oral solution only without ingestion. Like the spider that bit Peter Parker, it’s a one in a trillion chance the exact conditions that produced me could ever be replicated. It isn’t Asperger’s …. it’s Super Asperger’s, beyond the bounds of retardation where no ordinary human being will ever go. I escaped outside the penicillin ring, to put it aptly.

Keep in mind our circulating IGF1 & IGF2 is usually no more than 6-8 times normal. So imagine you, except add about 90% more muscle mass and a penis the size of a boat oar. Alright, imagine more muscle mass, anyway. […] out of a hundred thousand cases that could be described as “Asperger’s,” you might get one like me. Perfect separation, perfect biochemical cordon during the allergic “throttle” and almost no side effects. The rest of the brain gets turbocharged with the leftovers until it is the size of a watermelon and pulsing with gigantic arteries like those alien brains in science fiction films. Then maybe you get synthesis as they get older and the throttle begins to ebb from saturation of the sacrifice point. The two halves of the brain can learn to work in tandem as an overadaptive response and then you might see, once in a great while, the equivalent of Cassandra Complex produced by massive associative flashes of precog with the entire brain working all at once pulling in one harmonic direction. The result is, you get guys who seem like they know the future at times before it happens.

Cleve Blakemore is truly a god among men.