Some posts I came across today I figured I’d point out. At the Left Conservative there is a response to VDARE’s Arthur Pendelton on the “sellout” of paleolibertarians on race (which reminds me of MM’s charge that by linking to Greenwald Lew Rockwell is entering the “leftist fever swamp”). The interesting thing about the response is that it makes an argument under the assumption that race realists are right. I’ll note here that I agree with McMaken that the Mexicans are taking back what we stole from them whether we like it or not. Since I don’t live in the south-west I advise cutting our losses, handing it back, and building a fence. The call there for paleos to make common cause with black power types is also echoed for the goofy hippy types in Bill Kauffman’s review in First Principles of A Conservative History of the Left.

Moving then from race differences to gender differences, via TATP Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson points out the ambiguous nature of “spontaneous order”, which may mean either voluntary or unplanned. He uses Susan Brownmiller’s “Myrmidon theory of rape” as a non-benign example of unplanned order. I was among those “thin” types confused by Francois’ dismay at the anarchist implications of studies showing gender differences in monkeys, but Johnson’s post is still good. I was told Brownmiller was to blame for the ridiculous “rape is not about sex” theory, or at least its popularization, here. Further barely related linkery is below the fold.

Now I’m wondering why MM has never touched gender issues (though he has no inhibitions on race) when somewhat similarly minded folks like Steve Sailer, Ilkka Kokkarinen, Murray Rothbard, Lawrence Auster, Half Sigma and Vox Day seem to relish doing so. He at least gave a short explanation on why he doesn’t care about “the Jew thing” (those that do will lap up this). I’m closer to his point of view on that one than tanstaafl or n/a, but I still think he’s a bit deluded. Speaking of n/a he showed up to defend the reputations of New Englanders at UR. As one who is still a Puritan at heart despite my absence of God-belief, I was gladdened by that (as I was by Glenn Greenwald’s harking back to the anti-government conservatism of the 90’s in which I came of political age). Speaking of that, I found a site acceptable to paleo types via TDBM1 called The Remnant. The good name of New England is somewhat partially defended at Taki’s here. The author, Charles Coulomb, discusses his own New England located ethnic group (French Canadian) here. In other Taki-related news, at GNXP there is a discussion of Austin Bramwell’s definition of conservatism. The ever-interesting Bramwell previously attempted to find a definition of neo-conservatism, and found it to oppose neo-conservatism.