I was directed to it via GNXP, but the public radio show had a bunch of bullshit about nerd culture I didn’t feel like listening to, and I bet others feel similarly. So, I recorded the segment with Brecher and uploaded it to my tripod site. Now if only we can get a voice sample of John Dolan to see if they’re really the same person…

Interview with “Gary Brecher” aka “the War Nerd”

In other intellectual property news, I regret to inform everybody that Google Video rejected my upload of Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil”, which is more than they could be bothered to do with “Can Dialectics Break Bricks?”. If, like me, you haven’t found the noir classic in any of your local video stores I recommend the Pirate Bay.

UPDATE: Watch Touch of Evil here.

UPDATE2: War Nerd interview on youtube. It’s just a still picture with the radio segment. I guess I can link to that rather than the mp3, but I don’t think I’ll delete it from my tripod site until I really need the space. Also, a review of the interview wondering who exactly the joke is on here by neutrino cannon.