I am a huge fan of Richard Matheson’s horror story “I Am Legend”. The best part of it is the ending. It’s so old it won’t be a terrible spoiler to tell you that the “vampires” have evolved to a point where they have their own civilization which is not simply insanely murderous, though this is unkown to protagonist Robert Neville who goes on merrily murdering them in their sleep. He comes to be regarded as a monstrous figure to the new humanity, just as the vampires of myth were long ago. He is apprehended and executed for his crimes. Shortly after the book was written Vincent Price starred in “The Last Man on Earth”, which took the initial premise but made it into a generic zombie movie. Same thing for Charlton Heston in the Omega Man. The title doesn’t make a damn lick of sense unless you keep the original ending, so I was psyched when I heard about the latest version with Will Smith. The beginning stayed pretty faithful, but the ending just went the same old route and completely pissed me off. The question  nagged me, “Why did they use the original title and stay true to the original in the beginning?”. Now via Cracked, I know. They first filmed a completely different ending, but test audiences received it negatively, so they refilmed the lame ending we saw in theaters. The original “controversial” ending is on the dvd, and also google video (it didn’t work at the Cracked website, so I’ve got a different one below). It’s not quite as good as the book, where the vampires can actually pass as human (there is no human woman to befriend Neville, she turns out to be a vampire) but it’s an improvement.