I really should have gotten around to backing up my files long ago when I was considering installing Wubi, which I guess wasn’t that big a setback at the time since I have no idea what I’m doing. Now seven years of dirt and debris have finally put the drive out of its misery, and I’ve been told its contents aren’t recoverable. That just doesn’t sound like a can-do attitude on the part of those repair people. It’s not like I scrubbed it with a magnet or anything, which still wouldn’t stop some dedicated computer-CSI people looking to see if I had kiddy-porn (I don’t, just a compilation of Sibel Kekilli and a Probot video that probably would not have been broadcastable a decade ago). I put a lot of work into stealing all that intellectual property I had on there and it would be shame if it were lost to the sands of time. Are there any gearheads out there willing to offer me some false hope?