I just started listening to the latest EconTalk with Bruce Bueno de Mesquita. Despite accusation of neo-connery I’ve heard about him (and he is a foreign policy expert at the Hoover Institute), his take on Iran isn’t that different from mine. He’s actually even less fearful of the possibility of someone smuggling in a nuke than I am. Perhaps in an attempt to get in Robin Hanson’s good graces, he justifies his confidence despite lacking Iran expertise by citing his track record of succesful predictions about Iran.

If you’re tired of the Slavophilic, anti-American, democracy & freedom hating, paleo take on the Georgia conflict (we even cite Victor Davis Hanson for unintended support) provided by my blog and others I link to, you could do worse than this chain of posts at the Volokh Conspiracy, which also delves into the question of when secession is acceptable. I got into a similar dispute comparing the 13 colonies to the Confederate States at the Art of the Possible here. Look near the bottom of the comments in that TAOTP thread for response threads.

While he often mocks economists for their different way of thinking, Steve Sailer’s suggestion for dealing with South Ossetia is positively Coasean (his earlier suggestion for Kosovo is also rather economically minded). As I’ve mentioned before here though, Scott Atran casts doubt that such sensible solutions will work precisely because people are idiots.

The Georgia issue is another place where Sailer pokes the Jewish hornet nest. I find it interesting that while he tries to phrase things in a way that seems rational and acceptable in polite society, I can’t recall him ever offering any “Hey, I’m not an anti-semite and this proves it” defense. He could easily say “Such an idea is so outlandish only notorious anti-semites like Phillip Weiss would approvingly repeat it”. The Inductivist tries something like that rather weakly here. However as comments to this article on a renegade from the Satmar (that the reporter clearly wants to schtup) indicate, even being a full-blooded and observant Jew will not prevent such accusations. I found that article via this Bloggingheads diavlog that I thought raised some interesting questions about pluralism, religion and democracy. It was kind of funny to see how incredulous the Western feminist was about women making such a choice (which may be the result of the opposite of modesty).

In a somewhat similar but less ambitious vein than my own post, Steve Sailer traces the vicious cycle of stupid policies involved in the subprime mess. As expected, part of this is immigration, but I don’t think he had in mind British refugees seeking asylum from their countries thought police. “they are entitled to hold unpleasant points of view, but what they aren’t entitled to do is publish or distribute written material”. You can view some of that material here. Via Mangan.

I recently mentioned a supposedly obvious subtext I failed to pick up in Fight Club. Now I dare anyone to tell me they thought of this when they watched Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren in El Cid.

Finally, something Hopefully Anonymous may be interested in, a pill for aging. Via HA’s comment section I discovered the Men of Letters blog by Kinky Kathy, which is so similar to the writings of Carter van Carter that I have a suspicion they are the same person.