A lot of music I like I wouldn’t hear on the radio. I don’t listen to new music on the radio either as it’s all crap, though I suppose that means I’m less likely to find out if it gets good again, but I’m doubtful. I had amassed a sizable collection of music without buying CDs simply by recording stuff directly from my computer (p2p is mostly a waste of time). Some programs I used were Ruckus combined with AnalogWhole and mp3directcut to be used with Pandora. mp3directcut is a great program and could do AnalogWhole’s job except for the bizarre problem of it not recording anything unless AnalogWhole is run some time before it (the problem may be idiosyncratic to my computer). I put nearly all my ill-gotten gains in a giant playlist in Music Match Jukebox organized roughly by genre but trying to maintain a sense of continuity throughout. No matter how much time I spent in a setting I could be confident it would go through them all and I could just let it run (it didn’t contain whole albums, usually two songs per artist so it wouldn’t get stale). Then my harddrive failed and I lost everything and I listened to music less. I didn’t think much about it, but recently I found one of those songs (by a band whose other songs are utter shit) I had always wanted to add to my collection but had never gotten around to. So I did something I hadn’t in a while by restarting in XP and installing some programs (because they don’t run in Ubuntu, at least without WINE and having them already installed in a windows partition). I started swelling up with nostalgia for the good old days before the crash, but then I remembered that was this July. Does that even count?