Comments got turned off in a marginal revolution thread just as I was about to post mine. It’s not that significant a comment, but it seemed a waste to type it up and then throw it down the electronic memory hole just because some people got freaked that Tyler mentioned Steve Sailer. So here it is:

I came out in favor of legalized full-blown infanticide here.

McCain is like a worse version of Bush. He was the neocons’ favorite in 2000. He has no conservative credentials when it comes to small-government, pro-market stuff (Dave Weigel Matt Welch’s Myth of the Maverick has a lot on that) and pissed off the base of the party with his idiotic campaign finance bill. So he kept trumpeting his support of the President on Iraq. For most of us, Iraq is the worst thing about Bush. His chief foreign policy advisor is a former paid lobbyist for Georgia. So how in the world is McCain an improvement?

Hitler did have intelligent things to say on the manipulation of the masses (though much of that may have been from Goebbels) and he is frequently quoted on it. Of course, most people take his “Big Lie” notion to refer to his own lies rather than those of his opponents, as he intended it.