Bryan Caplan calls for the end of state-intervention in marriage. Or close to it. He does this in part from a Men’s Rights perspective, trying to reverse changes feminism has made. It’s unlikely to get anywhere as when I proposed such a thing supposedly “traditionalist conservatives” deemed it insane. UPDATE: I just came across this old post from conservative Austin Bramwell arguing for my position against “libertarian” Ryan Sager. Of course it’s tricky saying Bramwell’s “for” anything, as most of his writing his simply critical of the conservative movement, the conservative canon and even paleocons (the only ones willing to publish him). That makes him more interesting than most to me.

On a completely different note, a long time ago I heard a song on Pandora that was the most remarkably miserable sounding country/Americana I’d heard. I forgot who it was and would periodically rack my brain trying to remember. Just now it got played again. It was Johnny Dowd.