The other day I was helping somebody flip over a boat he was building so he could work on the bottom. One of the other folks helping was a black guy who had his young son with him. I was a bit surprised to see him as we’re talking about some middle-class white surbubanites that don’t gain any hipster cred from having minority friends and would be unlikely to have such friends. It all made sense when I heard his accent and name, indicating that he was an immigrant rather than an African-American (his darker-than-usual skin tone was an initial indicator, but not as sure). That did not seem as improbable and so would be less surprising. Think about that for a second. African-Americans make up about 10% of the population. African immigrants likely make up a tiny portion. Those odds on the surface should reverse the surprise I would actually experience. Those odds overlook the complicating factor that all the African immigrants I’ve encountered are basically like Mormons. I got to thinking why it is they seem more compatible as friends than the average African-American. One obvious possibility is that there are very strong selection effects on immigrants from Africa. Only the most educated bourgeious types that can deal with a modern bureaucracy like the one that oversees immigration get let in and so they are very unrepresentative of their countrymen (I should also add that I’ve disproportionately encountered immigrants from a few African countries like Ghana). Another is that in America there is a history of conflict between The Man and blacks that results in a culture that explicitly rejects the ways of the dominant middle class. Right now I’d place more importance on the selection effect but I’d like to hear the thoughts of others.

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