A commenter as Sailer’s linked to this (if the link expires next month maybe this will work, though it doesn’t currently) and it just seemed too weird not to link to. I find it interesting that they don’t present a this-side-bad-that-side-good narrative throughout their website or plug moderation/bipartisanship but rather have some genetic idea of symbiosis. That should link to an earlier article there on r/K selection worth checking out (though I suspect most readers will be less favorable to r). My own belief is that political leanings are substantially heritable but politics is not driven by the selection of alleles. I don’t think America has become more mean-spirited either, I don’t think their surveys are reliable and a lot of their other conjectures strike me as wrong. Oddly enough they didn’t take the genetic war of the sexes as seriously as they should (they even used the same picture so I was sure they’d go for it).

The anti-wack on these sorts of issues is Andrew Gelman. Here is an interesting one from him on American political geography (contrast that with the Neuro guys idea of the eternal north-south divide). Like previous site in the r/K page he muses about the cause of big cities orienting certain ways. Ed Glaeser has a theory for that here.

Kind of update: Razib points to the blog Calculated Exuberance which takes an economic perspective to several topics including (recently at least) theories of regional politics.