Jeremy Jerome Tuccille once said “It usually begins with Ayn Rand”. It didn’t for me. By the time I heard of her I considered myself a libertarian but the excerpts of her writing and what was written about her thought by both supporters and detractors repulsed me. And the presumed crap isn’t even in digestible chunks either. A thousand-page book containing a 56-page speech? No thanks. Now to that list I add Margaret Atwood. A writer I’d like to have never read is Robert Jordan. I’m glad I figured out the Wheel of Time series wasn’t heading anywhere as early as I did. The concept can be expanded to other media. When I was in college I tried using Mapquest to find a record-store but then gave up trying to find it. The next day I read that I could hear the whole album online as part of a free promotion and I fond out it was lousy. I was glad to have given up the previous day. A little while back my parents tried to rent The Happening (I guess they hadn’t heard any reviews), but the DVD machine screwed up and gave them something else. After they watched whatever it was they got instead they went to return it and someone saw the (incorrect label) and went off on what a horrible film that was. Anyone else got examples?