Aschwin de Wolf was once proprietor of the Against Politics site, which I liked enough to mirror after it went down (I have since removed the mirror as he hosts the material at his new site). His interest these days seems to mostly be in transhumanism/life-extension but he still makes room for non-cognitivism (I think Hopefully Anonymous would be peeved at the opportunity cost) and expressed dissapointment that Amazon was out of copies of Nine Banded Books’ republished edition of L. A. Rollins’ Myth of Natural Rights. It would be rather impolite to ignore someone specifically thanked in the book, so he was sent a copy to review and has done an admirable job. It is from Aschwin de Wolf that Chip found Jorge Amador’s review of the original that he excerpted and it is also because of him that I included the bit about the contractarian approach at the end of my preface. So I encourage everybody to read it here. If you’re interested in things like cryonics you should explore more of his site.