When it comes to cheap digs, Razib has Finland and I have sociology. The sociologists of Orgtheory take note of a a sad commentary on the profession regarding how the sociology field turned on James Coleman because they didn’t like his results, which are now generally accepted as correct. I agree with the first commenter that judging by his Volokh posts James Lindgren does not inspire a reader with much confidence in his neutrality, but there is supporting evidence in the comments as well.

In other sociology-bashing, Robin Hanson refers to “sociologists of norms” along with literary critics and Freudian psychotherapists as professions whose abstractions are distrusted. It’s tangential to the main topic of why he disagrees with Eliezer about an AI-explosion, but I thought I’d throw it out there. I didn’t know that sub-field was distrusted more than sociology in general, which I guess just shows what I know. It should also be pointed out that this is not necessarily reflective of Hanson’s own opinion, as he made clear with regard to his Austrian economist colleagues.

Closer to home and in the more respectable discipline of political science, Lee Sigelman has rankings (UPDATE: now in graph form) of the most corrupt heavily populated states. My state (surprising to some) fails to take the gold and actually winds up in 6th, while Louisiana lives up to its reputation.