He explains why  he’s moving here. His new blog is here. He may claim that blogger temporarily shutting him down and putting up the content warning is the reason, but I suspect he just regrets signing up on the wrong platform while all the cool people chose WordPress.

I had a good Christmas and hope you did as well (even if you’re Jewish). I should receiving Background to Betrayal later, and I’ll write a review/comparison to Triumph Forsaken. I’ll have to finish Triumph of Conservatism before then though.

I don’t normally make posts at this time of day, but thanks to some very icy roads I got rear-ended at a stop-light on my way to work, and I decided just not to go today. The estimated damage is more than my car is worth. I’d much rather just fix the busted tail-light and get the trunk to open than get a new car.

I’ve been having some extended back-and-forth recently with Hopefully Anonymous, which he at least feels is of high quality, and that’s saying something as he’s willing to slam people to their face. You can find those posts here and here.