December 2008

Either that or someone is impersonating him in my comments and has set up a webpage in his name for Lucifer’s Lexicon. The material for the republished edition of The Myth of Natural Rights was sent in through snail-mail, so presumably that would be the necessary method of alerting him to any possible impostor.

As one door opens, another must close according to Helen Keller’s Law of Conservation of Suckitude. In this case the closing door is The Art of the Possible. See Mona’s comment there and post at her new old blog. I had no idea they were supposed to get paid. What kind of crazy business model was behind that and weren’t they paying attention during the tech crash? I guess that means I’ll have to keep up to date with the individual Mutualist (or CfaSS), Unqualified Offerings, and Dry Hyphen Olympics blogs.

On a completely unrelated topic, via Mind Hacks it seems that dumber Swedes are more likely to be murdered. And without clicking or googling, try to guess which racially egalitarian eugenecist said:

I believe that this nation requires a biological purge if it is to check the growing numbers of the physically inferior, the mentally ineffective and the anti-social. These elements which make for social disintegration are drawn from no one race or ethnic stock. Let each of us, Nordic or Negro, Aryan or Semite, Daughter of the Revolution or Son of St. Patrick, pluck the beam from his own eye, before he attempts to remove the mote from that of his brother. Every tree that bears bad fruit should be cut down and cast into the fire. Whether that tree is an indigenous growth or a transplantation from an alien soil, matters not one whit, so long as it is rotten.

On a final note, I plan on putting up the promised data from Coup Detat over the weekend. I received Gabriel Kolko’s Triumph of Conservatism yesterday and should write a review later on.


I gave my spiel about the verbal/visuospatial or right-brain/left-brain divide here. Via Mind Hacks I found an Edge article by Chris Badcock titled The Imprinted Brain Theory. He views autism and schizophrenia as flip-sides of the “mentalism” axis, with hypo-mentalists having a deficient theory-of-mind that commits Type II error and fails to perceive agency while hyper-mentalists have a promiscuous teleology (to a greater degree than average). Bradcock sees these disorders as the result of a genetic tug-of-war between the interests of fathers (who cannot be sure the siblings of their biological son also belong to them) and mothers, drawing on the ideas of Robert Trivers.

Bradcock seemed to be pushing my bias buttons by associating those blasted hyper-mentalists with confidence men, pseudo-science, politicians, lawyers and holism. Riffing off the post Robin Hanson judged the most dense with useful info on identifying our biases he’s ever written, I don’t view history culminating with our war against a united alien invasion. Them is us. Or maybe they’re alien to me. Perhaps I should say when reading Bradcock on mentalistic cognition I don’t primarily see a group of people, but the flaws of humanity. I don’t see an axis and seek “balance” (a word holistic pseudo-science constantly yammers on about), I feel the urge to excise a contamination. That’s Jonathan Haidt’s sanctity/disgust factor of morality, which I admitted to having an irrationally strong sense of here. Recently Hopefully Anonymous chided me for indulging in unthinking lawyer-bashing, and while I still think they shouldn’t make up over half our legislators, I admit that I let the joy of sticking it to THEM control discussion of the issue.

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