Despite not having read A Farewell to Alms, a while back I reviewed Deirdre McCloskey’s review of it. I was gratified to find that I was correct in that Clark & McCloskey agree on fewer points than McCloskey assumes they do when I found via GNXP Clark’s reponse to critics and defense of his Malthusian interpretation of history. I was baffled before by McCloskey’s misunderstanding of regression to the mean, and now I’m shocked again that Bowles (of Bowles & Gintis fame) screws the pooch on that issue as well. Like other commenters, I’m not sure why Clark seems to downplay IQ (although he has become more of a naturist putting less stock in culture) when as Jonathan Haidt argues, the traits he’s concerned with may be even more controversial.

In other crimethink news, n/a (who you may recall giving me an award) in a comment at the Inductivist has given a link to an downloadable pdf of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique. Yuri Slezkine’s book is available through my local library system and doesn’t have any of that group-selection stuff that I find implausible. Plus, I find myself much less prone to sustain a session of reading with pdfs on the computer than paper. After that I might get to CoC though. Until then, I enjoy n/a’s poking holes in Mencius Moldbug’s sweeping assertions based on little evidence.