In the final part of the 2Blowhards interview with Greg Cochran, a reader brings up the dysgenic trends in fertility with respect to IQ. Greg makes the perhaps underemphasized point that this is primarily associated with highly educated women. I think that fact is obscured by the obviousness of the “demographic transition” on entire populations. Within populations I’ve heard that IQ in men is either unrelated or positively associated with greater numbers of offspring (UPDATE: See Jason Malloy’s comment). So we seem to be seeing differential selection in intelligence starting from a situation in which men and women have the same average IQ (though with different variance). It should be remembered that gender dimorphism takes longer to evolve than other adaptions, so don’t expect big changes any time soon. Another selection pressure often overlooked is the city as death trap, leading us to idealize rural life and consider New Jerseyans chopped liver by selecting for people less willing to leave country for town. Similarly, the selection effect I’m suggesting may operate more on a woman’s lack of interest in higher education than intelligence per se. There may be changes in political ideology as well. Research suggests more feminist wives aren’t as happy as ones with traditionalist attitudes and those that belong to more conservative religious denominations have more sex and more orgasms than the Church Lady would think appropriate. I hesitate to say that will result in gender dimorphism in ideology as sexist men earn more money but my guess is that the likes of David Frum will be disappointed to find the right would rather pander to the likes of Sarah Palin than him.