On Celtic Frost’s No Questions Only Answers (a sort of anti-FAQ), Tom Gabriel Fischer says “There were a number of death grunts in rock and funk music in the 1970s (and I believe even earlier), but Paul DiAnno (circa) 1980/81 is indeed the reason why we in Hellhammer began to do the death grunt.” I’m one of those oddballs that prefers DiAnno (massive douchebag that he is) to Dickinson when it comes to Iron Maiden, but I don’t remember him using any sort of death grunt. Not even a brief punchy “UGH” like Fischer. I’m not a fan of cookie monster vocals, so perhaps this is another of DiAnno’s sins alongside kicking in one of his guitarists’ teeth and chasing his wife with an uzi while coked out of his mind. Was this something he only did live, or can anyone name an Iron Maiden recording with a death grunt?