Depression makes you more creative (we’re assuming for the moment that’s desirable).

As I mentioned elsewhere, I’m rather listless and without goals at the moment. The problem that looms largest in my consciousness is that I am underworked (yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo).

Tom Talbot’s own personal suggestion in the opening link got me thinking about how lately I’ve been listening to more energetic oi/punk/garage music, and less of the grunge, doom and sludge metal that I used to. Part of that is due to my harddrive crashing and taking my collection of music with it. I think another part is that because I feel less energetic I have been seeking out the musical equivalent of simple carbohydrates to give me a boost (at least in the short term). I also occasionally think about buying an instrument (I hear bass guitar has a good learning curve), but considering how poorly I’ve sustained interest in Kolko, du Berrier and the Online Stat Book I doubt I’ll stick to it. I can’t even sit through Bloggingheads diavlogs or EconTalks anymore without getting restless and opening up another tab to read something else, only to inevitably miss what’s being said and have to rewind.

RELATED UPDATE: Agnostic suggests we are evolving to become miserable. Sample quote: “maximizing long-term material well-being minimizes long-term hedonic well-being”.