Justin Raimondo puts it better than I could. It might be the case that the bigots are facing entirely private ostracism & punishment (fully consistent with freedom of association), but Kip Esquire’s* logic is simply ridiculous. Do we lose rights through hypocrisy? No free speech for Nazis & commies (or even fairness-doctrine liberals, anti-obscenity conservatives and campaign finance restricting Broderists) then! Considering how rampant hypocrisy is, Esquire’s ideal would result would probably result in less freedom than currently found in any first-world liberal state. Why does he even bother calling himself a libertarian (at least a lot of pot-smoking pro-war Republicans only call themselves libertarian-leaning) when he supports flagrant violations of negative rights on the basis that “we aren’t debating the creation of Libertopia”? In an earlier Will Wilkinson post I explained why it is perfectly sensible for a libertarian to oppose equality under the law (when the law itself is unlibertarian and is going to be extended). Libertarianism is about liberty, not signalling a socially acceptable form of classist racism, less stuck-up progressivism or hipper conservatism.

In completely unrelated news, Eric Crampton highlights some of the great work of the Fijian media.

Man gets on bus
15-Apr-2009 11:44 AM
IN what is believed to be the first reported incident of its kind, a man got on a bus yesterday.
“It was easy,” he said.
“I just lifted one leg up and then the other and I was on”.
Fiji Daily Post reporters found witnesses willing to confirm the happening.
“Yes”, said one who asked to remain anonymous, “I saw him get on the bus”.
Another witness who also preferred to remain unidentified told this newspaper it was “the early morning bus”.
“I was waiting opposite the shop when I saw him run to catch the bus.”
What happened next was a remarkable feat – the man actually got on the bus, we believe.
Students from a local school who had been waiting for two hours in the rain for the bus also confirmed that they saw the man board.
“We are happy for him”, one student remarked in terms reminiscent of Neil Armstrong (the first man to step onto the moon): “it may be one small step for him, but it is one giant step for the people of Fiji”.

*Long-time readers may recall that he erased all my old comments from his blog after banning me. I have asked him several times why and have never received any sort of response.