He never gave the promised follow up for his final post at Brooklyn Copperhead (or explained the meaning of the title of his penultimate one). He is now quite active at AmConMag’s Post Right blog. It’s certainly an improvement over Phil Weiss’ place. For a little while there I played apologist for Zionism (and occasionally the old colonial regimes) in the comments but there’s a limit to how much of Weiss’ empty-headed liberalism one can stomach. Ross should have been able to provide a corrective to Weiss’ temporary idolatory obsession with Abe Lincoln, but apparently he gave up there as well and Weiss moved on to Kafka and then Theodor Herzl.

Via Balko I came across one of Weiss’ old New York Magazine features on Craigslist and throughout reading the repeated talk of the “Exploder of Journalism” (caps in the original) wanted to tell him “tone it down!” If not for his particular obsession he probably would not have lost his print job and been reduced to begging money from his readers and hoping for it from his parents, though its certainly conceivable. I am reminded of The Last Ditch contributor Stephen Sniegowski (though coming from a far-right perspective) who says he’s “lucky to get a job answering the telephone“. He’s capable of good writing, such as one that made me proud of our first black President, but the rest of his work seems dedicated to sinking any chance of attaining tenure.