Recently at Scott Sumner’s The Money Illusion a commenter going by the name “saifedean” has been spreading the gospel of Austrian economics by way of Mises & Rothbard. I thought the name sounded familiar but then forgot about it. Now he’s including a hyperlink in his handle, and sure enough it’s the same person that occasionally blogs at “The Saif House”. I remember a while back at Taki’s they featured a post (now removed) by Saifedean Ammous that had nothing to do with conservatism, alternative or otherwise. I found that odd, especially when some googling showed that AlterNet has had a contributor named Saifedean Ammous who is a phd candidate at Columbia for “sustainable development”. I guess that would make him the first Austrian environmentalist I’ve come across. Perhaps TokyoTom from the Mises blog infected him.

UPDATE: Saifedean Ammous has confirmed that he is indeed the same individual I referred to in these instances. I wish him luck in his exploration of Austrian economics and hope he doesn’t wind up a wretched defect to literature & metaphysics like the late (in blog terms) Matthew Mueller, who strayed too near those mad, bad and dangerous to know.