Sandy Ikeda at ThinkMarkets highlights some sites that track crime (and other things) down to the level of the neighborhood block. Haven’t checked out any of them, but sounds cool.

I’m surprised that none of them were announced anywhere (or at least anywhere I was reading), but apparently Razib has done some podcasts with Richard Spencer for Takimag Radio. I haven’t yet listened to them.

Political scientist Andrew Gelman double-dog-dares any sociologist worth his salt to demonstrate connections between voting power and actual power. Of course it’s much more effective to dare someone else at their own blog rather than hope they read yours, but I guess when you’re Andrew freaking Gelman you can just assume they do (or are sociologists less nerdy than me?).

Gelman has been among the rare folks to poor cold water on statistical demonstrations of electoral fraud in Iran (though I imagine he still thinks there was some). Perhaps even rarer in standing alone against the broader narrative regarding Iran is Daniel Larison. One would have hoped that Andrew Sullivan would have learned to be more restrained after being chastened for his cheerleading on Iraq, but he’s still denouncing any western skeptics as despicable or useful idiots. Hats off to his testosterone-injection fueled productivity though. Personally I’m in the same boat as Sailer, and don’t know enough to have a very informed opinion. A while back at Volokh I played Devil’s Advocate for the clampdown against Tiananmen protestors and hypothetical future (now current) mobs in Iran. Considering Mousavi’s past, he wouldn’t even need to be replaced like Kerenski for the post-uprising purge to occur. I hope Mencius Moldbug’s next post is an apologetic for the jackboots of authority. Finally, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more from Trita Parsi.