Mind Hacks linked to a study showing that ingroup-preferences in women increased when they were ovulating or reported high subjective risk of coercion. Interesting, but fairly-standard for evolutionary psychology. Perhaps more interesting is the response in the comments section. The first complains, without reference to any detail in the study, that merely by studying the topic they further entrench harmful stereotypes. When ignorant stereotypes abound it would seem all the more important that we find out the actual facts so that we may replace our uninformed beliefs with accurate ones. Instead a common reaction is complete indifference to the results of any study in favor of an obsessive focus on stereotypes themselves. I would even concur with the commenter that we should have more studies on hormonal fluctuations in men (and indeed there have been some interesting psych studies which involve “priming” them). Rather than an actual proposal for a study that might be done, the comment is more along the lines of the old Fark cliche “B-b-b-but Clinton”. That is exemplified to an even greater extent by the second commenter, who stereotypes the British right off the bat and then proceeds to complain of positive discrimination towards protected groups. A perfectly relevant comment for a different blog discussing a different topic. Hopefully Anonymous has complained that a blog as great as Mind Hacks requires commenters to register first, and while one interpretation might be that they are still on the low end of the Laffer-curve of comment restrictions another is that their current filtering mechanism isn’t producing any benefits.

Completely off-topic, but Philip Giraldi knows what he’s talking about, at least when it comes to Honduras.

Finally, Aschwin de Wolf directs my attention to a Stirnerite egoist blogger.