When I first saw the title I expected a different punchline. But now I’ll have to steal the joke for my own purposes someday. That also reminded me of a reminder-to-myself from years back to check out the Electro Hippies (that was before youtube). Now that that’s over with, I see no reason to do so again.

On an unrelated note, Keith Preston just alerted me to Ethel of the Lioness’ Den, which focuses on anarcho-pluralism. I like the emphasis on Sealand-esqe “micronation”, helping to head off the objection that national-anarchism is oxymoronic. Going further than Michael Hart’s multiracialist-friendly racial separatism, the paradigm could also handle Vichy’s objection on perceived kinship with others by including scope for “micronations” of anti-nationalist egoists. Stirner sort of alluded to that sort of thing with his Union of Egoists (which does not seem to run afoul of Bob Black’s (and my own) anarchy problem). Stirner seemed to envision something more temporary to serve the temporary interests of the individuals entering into it, but even that can have a physical/geographic governance analogue.